Success and fall,
and return

After more than two successful decades working as a consultant in organizational transformation, I stumbled and fell. This was 2012.

The fall was so deep that the only option I saw was to withdraw to a Sanctuary in the mountains of northern Spain.

I planned to stay three weeks. I stayed three years. In the Sanctuary I heard a compelling message:

" Work to bring forth the goodness that dwells in every human being. Use your experience and skills to increase the impact and diminish the pain caused by change processes.” 
Since then, I try to follow this voice in all my endeavours as a change practitioner: designing and facilitating change in organizations and their environment of operations, as well as mentoring change leaders.


"I have been designing and facilitating change processes since 1989, in organisations and in the broader social-ecological systems in which they operate. I tried a couple of times to be more of a mainstream consultant. It didn’t go well.

So I decided to do it my way."

My way


Change is not a task in itself but the effect of today's tasks being done differently. This is bringing the future to the organization, not pushing the organization to the future. Thus, people experience the future and give the best of themselves when moving towards it.


The stability of my work emerges from the practice of silence, austerity and friendship. The operational consequence is that I work in complex and turbulent contexts focusing on tasks in the short term, without losing sight of the long term strategic horizon.


The flexibility of my work stems from the gift I have of making not so obvious connections between what happens at multiple contexts and scales. This allows me to design processes that obliquely address the challenges, resistances and inertias.


In order to add the most value to my clients and bring forth the best of the people involved, I keep doing three daily practices that I learned from the monks at the Sanctuary.


SILENCE | To quieten the noise within, so that I can hear the whispers of my goodness wanting to be released

AUSTERITY | To quieten the noise of the world, so that I can hear the goodness in others trying to break thrugh

FRIENDSHIP | To connect with others and together make the world a place in which goodness is "business as usual"

Some of my most valued clients