Three principles to promote change
with more impact and less pain.

1 – People change when they want to. Period.
Those who don’t want the change you are promoting will either submit or resist. Carrots and sticks don't encourage people to give the best of themselves, but to seek the former and avoid the latter.  

2 – A different future is possible … Here and Now!
It is not about pushing or pulling people and the organization towards the future. It is about bringing the future to the present through multiple micro-interventions. 

3 – The only way to build trust is to trust.
To preach about change to motivate your people demeans them and aggrandises you, widening the gap of mistrust between you and them.

Organizational clients call me when ...

Multiple players need to move in a coherent manner
The situation is complex and/or turbulent 
There is no known way forward

I have developed eight design modules for change. 

Each one of them can be used separately or combined in any way, depending on the context. 

Description of the
Eight Design Modules

Communities of Practice (CoP)  |  Change Agents meet regularly in groups of 6 – 18, to work on the challenges they encounter in their respective fields of operation. They develop novel ways of working to be tested in the Task-Forces, and distil the experiences so that they can become Good Practices.

Task-Forces  |  Teams of 5-6 people who test novel ways of working when solving today’s challenges. Typically they deliver in Cycles of 6-8 months.

Think-Tank  |  A team of 5-6 people who gather the learnings from Communities of Practice and Task-Forces to formulate Good Practices. They keep all activities within the Boundary Conditions and constraints.

En-red-ando (Weaving Change)  |  The Change Agents operate in the organizations as a Network, using every opportunity, conversation and meeting to further the change process.

Transformation Labs  |  Gatherings of a cross-section of the organization (no upper limit for the amount of participants) to test in large scale the developed novel Best Practices and to disseminate the change  in real time by working on real issues of concern today.

Trusted Mentoring for Change Agents  |  For individuals and teams. Mostly about keeping their motivation alive, aligning it with the organization’s strategy and channelling it through specific activities. Also to support them in their Change Weaving.

Train-in-Change  |  Training to develop the Art and Craft of the Change Agent when promoting change in complex and turbulent environments. Also to connect to their inner motivation and to cope with the vulnerability it entails to be a Change Agent.

Network Analysis  |  It is about looking at the organization as a Network to detect connections and disconnections, clusters and outliers, etc. This can be done in an intuitive way. It can be done in a methodical way by gathering data, using software and developing graphic visualizations of the networks. I don’t have the capacity to do the latter, but I collaborate with people who have the necessary tools and software.