Mentoring Change Agents

I have three decades of experience as a Trusted Mentor for Change Agents, people who promote change in the organizations where they work and maybe lead, the communities they are members of, the networks they are connect to or the territories where they live.

I support those I mentor to ...

Discern what they can influence, what they need to accept as it is, and what they can do to make a difference.
Listen to the inner voice that tells them what is right and what is wrong
Promote change in accordance with their inner voice and with the strategy of the organization.

    Six questions I ask ...

    Will this decision give you inner peace?
    Will this decision give fruits for others to enjoy?
    Will you be able to tell those you love while looking them in the eyes?
    Will you be able to keep your inner peace while interviewed about it?
    Will it reduce your environmental footprint and that of others?
    Is it legal? If not: are you ready to accept the consequences if you get caught?