A role model is dead.

Sinéad O'Connor is dead. She was for me a role model regarding the essence and presence of the #ChangeAgent I'd like to be.

Her voice and songs deeply moved my soul in a way that no other singer has ever done, accompanied me in dark moments and inspired me in bright ones. I believe she moves me because her uncompromising passion stemmed from her deep contact with the pain of our common humanity, of those who are the most powerless and with her own.

She didn't succumb to the mermaid songs of the music industry, in which social engagement is rewarded as long as it is philanthropic and sugarcoated. She didn't compromise with the expectations of her fans and public. She didn't compromise with herself, risking everything to get her message across, as when she ripped a picture of the Pope in live prime-time-TV in the US as a protest against child abuse in the Catholic Church.

Her passionate engagement could come out in anger, as when she sang "War" a cappella in front of thousands who were booing her for her ripping the Pope's picture some days earlier https://lnkd.in/dcXUyvPw This is the most deeply moving music video I have ever seen. Every time I watch her here, my heart goes out to her and to all people who stand for their passion in front of overwhelming resistance. For this, I am indebted to her.

Her passion could also be tender, as when she sings "Nothing compares to you" https://lnkd.in/dyfC5yMJ

Wether tender or angry, she let her pain and vulnerability show as the source of her passionate engagement. I believe that this is what made her capable of being uncompromising in her engagement. And when she went down under the merciless revenge her straightforwardness elicited, she came back having learned to temper her passion with compassion. For this I am even more indebted.

So yes, Sinéad O'Connor is a role model. I propose any Change Agent looking for guidance, to have a look at her.

She probably looks at us with compassion from the other side.