Artefact to detect strategic options

This week I will be part of a meeting about the next phase in the development of the trainings offered by Gestaltakademin in Scandinavia, a training institute that is very dear to me.

True to my need to see a resemblance of the whole before I look to the parts, I worked in this artefact to capture some dimensions of the complexity of the world #GA addresses with its trainings.

My intention is not to describe the world as it is but to use the artefact to detect needs in our world that cognitive-experiential trainings might address.

This is still a #complicated artefact, simplifying the field in a way that doesn’t capture its #complexity, messiness and multidimensionality.

The concentric discs can rotate, and the content of each are:

– My version of the #CycleOfExperience: Attention-Intention-Intervention-Withdrawal
#ScalesOfSystem: SocialEcological-Organizational-Group/Team-Personal (sorry for the errors in logical typing)
#MetaApproaches to change: Magic-Reductionistic-Systemic-Field (my own thoughts, I believe. I might be wrong)
#Cynefin: Chaotic-Complex-Complicated-Clear
#WarmData: intercontextuality as the nature of experience

The axis is the space-time of #confusion that we need to revisit and/or let engulf us once and again lest we believe we are God.  

The tail that rotates is the #multicontextuality and #intercontextuality tahat makes a mess of most beliefs and scrips we hold on to …

Despite the conceptual simplifications and errors that people much wiser than me will see, the artefact has some kind of coherence that I hope will be useful later this week to see the options and develop new trainings.

It might be of no use. In any case, I have had fun

Maybe something to replicate next time I meet my grandchildren