Fix your home and tend to your family ...

This is how I present myself in my website, :

After more than two successful decades working as a consultant in organizational transformation, I stumbled and fell. This was 2012.
The fall was so deep that the only option I saw was to withdraw to a Sanctuary in the mountains of northern Spain.
I planned to stay three weeks. I stayed three years.
In the Sanctuary I heard a compelling message:

"Work to bring forth the goodness that dwells in every human being. Use your experience and skills to increase the impact and diminish the pain caused by change processes.”

I have been back to the Sanctuary at least once a year since. Last Friday I came out from my latest silent and disconnected retreat. This time the message was:

"Fix your home and tend to your family. Stop trying to make a difference anywhere else."

Tall order. Taller than what I heard for some years ago.

Photo of the cherry tree by the Plaza at the Sanctuary, taken last week.