I'd rather work with a good enough #boss than with any great #leader.

Whenever I delve into any leadership fad, I keep finding the same message:

You are a good leader if you succeed in getting others do what you want them to do, while you make them believe that what you want is what they want.

It is about training the wanna-be-leader to put people, the organization and themselves in vicious #DoubleBinds.

To achieve this, anything is allowed: communication, empathy, purpose, coaching, vulnerability (agggh!) ... and also the good old "stick and carrot" as a last resort.

I prefer to work with clients who don't try to be leaders, who know their place and are content with being #managers, or #bosses, or #masters.

In my 30+ years as a #consultant in #change, these are the ones who have opened their organisations to the greatest levels of participation, engagement and self-management. So yes, I'd rather work with a good enough boss than with great leader.

I am reading now, at last! Céline Schillinger's #DareToUnlead. Her message is different. But of course, despite the title, she doesn't write about leadership ...

The photo is from March the 18th at the Sanctuary, where I went for a short visit and ended up helping some of the sheep to deliver ...