Midsummer musings and a podcast to remember

Today is the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Here in Stockholm the Sun rose at 03:30 and will set at 22:07. From today on, the days will become shorter and nights longer, becoming equally long by Autumn Equinox (September 23rd) until we reach Winter Solstice (December the 22nd) when night will be the longest.

For wise men and women from many traditions, the cycle of the year embodies the circularity of everything, including our lives.

In those traditions, Summer is the period of growth in which we make mistakes, learn, integrate and maybe approach maturity. Autumn would be then the period in which we give fruit for others to enjoy and, for those who are so inclined, to harvest the fruits of the own work. Winter would be then the withdrawal of the wise, who keep themselves available for those who approach them with humble wish to learn.

Along my career I have had the privilege of enjoying the generosity of several men and women who, in the Autumn of their professional lives have been more interested in sharing the fruits of their work than harvesting themselves. Those whose teachings have been most valuable for me have shared without asking for anything in return. As my most important mentor answered me when I asked for his fees: "what has most value has no price".

I have also knocked on the door of some who, withdrawn from professional practice and active involvement in their professional networks, opened their doors for me when I knocked. They shared their winter wisdom, a whole different quality than the enjoyable and nurturing fruits of those in the autumn of their careers.

Next week I have the privilege of co-hosting a seminar after a podcast with a conversation that two great professionals, in different phases in their lives, had with each other. The podcast will be published the 27th and the seminar will take place the 29th. (Links to podcast and seminar at the end of this post)

Céline Schillinger is midsummer, in the height of her professional life and already giving wonderful fruits. Her book "Dare to Unlead" is so tasty and nurturing that one would believe that she is already in late autumn. I can't wait to enjoy whatever she produces next.

Peter Block I cannot make up my mind where in the cycle he is. He has the wisdom that only comes with winter and awes us who ask for it. At the same time he continues active in his consulting business and keeps giving fruit for us to enjoy. I heard him say in the podcast that he is writing his next book ... The quote in the picture is one of his wisdom-laden one-liners that will provoke many and requires some thinking to get.

Please, register if you want to listen to the podcast and participate in the seminar. 

Link to the "Dare to Unlead" podcast that will be published the 27th: https://weneedsocial.com/podcast

Link to registration for the screening and conversation June the 29th: https://www.eventbrite.fr/e/learning-from-peter-block-a-conversation-tickets-647452777687