New training for Change Agents in Complex Systems

I just was asked to be part of a team that will design a new training for #changeagents in Scandinavia, that is planned to launch at the beginning of 2023.

The training will combine three approaches:

1) #Systemic approach to promoting change in organisations, territories, communities and other social-ecological #complex#systems.
2) #Gestalt approach to #relational work and to promoting change in a #field,
3) #Psychosynthesis approach to #intrapersonal and #spiritual work.

Very exciting challenge that guaranteed will force me to leave my comfort zone, maybe destroy some of the methodological and conceptual bunkers I have built along my 30+ years in this profession.

I took this photography of a "Create more" graffiti, painted on the ruins of a bunker on the Azkorri-cliffs outside Getxo, the Basque Country.