Obedience and Conformity

As long as I can remember, I have perceived and described myself as resisting #conformity and #obedience, seeing both as signs of absence of own criteria and avoidance of personal responsibility.

My son studies Latin and tells me about the etymology of the two words:

Conform derives from "cum formare", meaning to shape together.

Obey comes from "ob audire", meaning to listen with attention.

To fulfil my mission as a #ChangePractitioner – to promote #change with more impact and less pain – I have trained myself to listen with attention until next step emerges with clarity, and together with others give shape to it.

So with some dismay and a lot of excitement, I can also describe myself as someone who conforms and obeys. ;-)

I took the photo May 28th 2022 in Mölnbo, 60 km south of Stockholm, Sweden. I became curious as I saw the snail's tiny and flowing movements in the magnificent forrest and its sensitivity to imperceptible changes in its immediate #environment.