Silence bring clarity in Complexity

In the mid 90’s I called my business «Managing Complexity». I wasn’t able to explain what this meant in a way that my market understood. In part because I didn’t know enough and in part because the awareness of complexity was not widespread enough.

So I chose to erase complexity out of my brand’s name to be more «palatable»  

27 years later I regret doing that. Most people are nowadays aware of the complex nature of the environment in which they and their organizations operate, and the concept is commonplace in how colleagues present themselves and their services.

I have no complexity in my brand name, but it has always been the very essence of my practice as designer and facilitator of strategic change processes in organizations that operate in complex and turbulent environments.

A result if all the experices in these 30+ years, I have distilled my offer to seven Design Modules that can be combined in ad-hoc designs for each specific situation.

Communities of practice
Strategic entanglement
Real Time & Large Scale organisational prototyping.
Executive coaching to leaders of change

One of the trends I see accelerating since the restrictions began to lift and working in real space-time became a reality again, is that many more organizations are building internal capacity to promote, design and facilitate change. This is a welcome sign.

Regrettably, this internal capacity is built often upon models and approaches that still aim to «control ande subjugate» complexity. This will do more harm than good.

My approach with the seven modules is about developing the capacity to operate and promote change without exercising violence on the complex nature of reality.

This time I will not give up as in the mid 90’s. Nowadays I have the experience and I believe that the market is ready for it.

Let’s go!