The banality of content

I am dismayed to see that, despite all utterances about the importance of content, it often ends devalued in favour of the means by which it is produced and/or conveyed.

The production of content by AI becomes more important than the content itself. The way the content is produced becomes the content. What will happen when most of what AI is learning from is produced by AI? 

Content conveyed through advanced marketing, communication, "eventification", gamification, ... is simplified to inconsequentiality and even betrayed. In the end, the way content is conveyed becomes the content.

A dystopia in which all that is said is self-referential, saying nothing about the world nor about who says it.

This is specially tragic when it comes out from the mouths or keyboards – or from the answers they get from their query's to AI – of change and transformation professionals who say nothing about themselves, about how they see the world or about the changes they want to see in the world.

The banality of it all. Aargh!

The banality of it all. Aargh!
Photo: pure content in my notes from a conference by Atsushi Iriki – Head of the Laboratory for Symbolic Cognitive Development at RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Japan – on the "Neurobiological mechanisms in the cognitive evolution of Homo Sapiens" that led to the appearance of AI.

He was all content with few concessions to communication. I loved it.