There is a time for everything ...

There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens ... (Eccl 3: 1-8)

Reading the well known verses, I remembered the "Manifesto for Slow Thinking" developed among others by Karen Schmidt, Change Punk® and Frank Habermann.

The Manifesto is formulated from a completely different approach to that of the either/or lists we are bombarded with in LinkedIn, where the column of the left lists in absolute terms everything old/bad that is to be left behind and the right everything new/good that will be brought forth by the announced new world. So are often publicized the benefits of any new technology such as AI, the promises of whatever management trend such as Lean or Agile, the wonders of the latest leadership fad, the bliss of self-organised teams and organizations-as-living-systems, etc.

When it comes to what really matters, there is nothing old that needs to be left behind nor anything new that needs to be added. All that really matters is there and has been there since the beginning.

As the "manifesto" expresses, it is about choosing what comes first in the given context we are operating. Much more useful than any either/or list.

As the writer of Ecclesiastés put it for more than 230 centuries ago:

"There is a time for everything and a season for every activity ..."