There was another time ...

Today I had a conversation with another person, the 10th in the last four weeks, who tells a similar horror story about their work. None of them are current clients, just professionals with whom friendship has developed after having worked together at some point during the last decade.

- All 10 are women.
- All 10 have successfully promoted change in the organisations in which they work, ... until the person who gave them the assignment began to make their life miserable.
- All 10 are being attacked with the five Master Suppressions Techniques: making invisible, ridiculing, withholding information, shaming and blaming, double binding.
- All 10 are being harassed by Wicked Winged Monkeys, colleagues who do their bosses's biddings.
- All 10 are being Gaslighted, their sense of reality constantly questioned by their boss and by the group pressure of their peers.
- All 10 do what they can to protect their self-esteem and self-confidence.
- All of them stood initially their ground. When the attacks became more vicious, they doubted and blamed themselves.
- None of them have anywhere to go with their anger. None are been given a way out.
- Exhausted, they are considering leaving, losing then any severance or compensation.

As these 10 women, too many are left alone to deal with this vengeful resistance to doing things differently. Some find a professional that can help them to get through the ordeal. Too many succumb, never to be heard of again.

Some recover and get to share in LinkedIn how they have overcome adversities, presenting their story as a self-improvement journey that increases the value of their personal brand. I have done that, so I know.

That's what we are left with nowadays, when collective action in the corporate world has vanished from the scene ...

There were other times ... To remember, watch this video