Three good friends and colleagues

Now that Christmas is approaching I miss very much three dear colleagues and friends that passed away this year and that meant very much in my life and professional development.

Jojo Tuulikki Oinonen, whose mission was to put #shame in the map, to normalise the presence of shame in all human endeavours, to help people to cope and transcend shame in their personal and professional life. Jojo has been a generous colleague and friend who cast light into one of the blind spots that my practice had, namely that we are never as vulnerable as when we give the best of ourselves ... and then shame kicks in. Thanks to her loving persistence, I eventually got her message, and my practice took a Copernican turn.

Sean Gaffney, who worked with Organisational Development with the most radical #field approach I have ever seen. When he consulted, he never had a plan but worked with whatever emerged in the moment. He was an artist. Although we never agreed on the excellence and limitations of a systemic vs a field practice, he kept me alert all the time by showing me how my practice was "degrading into the systemic quagmire".

Zebib Ghile, who was #uncompromisingly committed to offer the best of herself through her coaching services. A living example of what Jojo meant when she spoke about the need to bravely sustain the shame and vulnerability that entails to give the best of ourselves. I couldn't keep up with Zebib in her drive to always go a step further in her personal/professional development. Neither could I keep up with her in our walks in Stockholm.

My personal and professional life is poorer without them.