To fly: tend to self, tend to others, tend to the whole

Judging by some of the comments and reactions I got to the post I wrote for some days ago, I might have given the impression that I am withdrawing from the world to "fix my home and tend to my family".

But that is not the case. My experience and expertise is still at the service of Change Agents and Change Practitioners, may they be individuals, organisations, partnerships or networks.

What I intend to do is to correct the discrepancy between my talk and my walk, by applying to myself the three principles I have been speaking about for some years now, namely that Change Agents and/or Change Practitioners, in order to sustain over time our work we need to:

- tend to self
- tend to others
- tend to the whole.

During the last years I have been doing all three, but only partially:

- I have been "tending to self" on the road, neglecting to fix a place to part from and return to: a home.

- I have been "tending to others" all over the place, but not so much to those closer to me, like my blood family or my chosen family of closer friends.

I haven't either accepted other's wishes to tend to me, which is neglecting both to "tend to self" and to "tend to others".

- I have been "tending the whole" of the big world, formed by my international networks and big clients. I have neglected the closer wholes formed by my local (Stockholm) network of colleagues and clients, my friends and my neighbourhood.

So, I intend to continue working. I just noticed that I was "flying on empty" and I intend to remedy that by doing what I have been teaching but neglecting myself.

Thanks for the comments to my earlier post. They helped me become clearer about what I meant. See you around!

So, in order to fly: tend to self, tend to others and tend to the whole!

A magnificent Griffon flying only some metres above the cherry tree that illustrated the post I refer to above. Photo taken the same day at the Sanctuary.