We are not in this together. We never were

Mary Waberu shares in LinkedIn this brilliant analysis by Vijay Prashad at the COP26, of the global context from which many climate initiatives, including the #SDG and the #IDG, have emerged pretending to make a difference without touching the institutions and mentalities that produced them ...

"Here is something for the colonialists including their complicit organisations in places like Australia, Europe and North America. We know you think we are buying what you are selling but please understand we have learned and studied how you operate since colonial times. Now, more and more people in your own spaces are awakening to the wh!te supremacy and racism that uphold and control your colonial beliefs, tendencies and structures while dealing with the rest of the world. You do not need to have owned a human being a century ago to qualify as one who enslaves people. You are oppressing and colonising us in 2023 in your own backyards and abroad.

You like the common part. We are not in this together. We never were."