What has real value is priceless

What has real value is priceless.

This is the answer I got 2012 when I asked how much it would cost me what he just had offered. What I received then from him — and I am still receiving — is the most valuable I have received in my adult life, both personally and professionally.

He eventually became my mentor, the only person whose counsel I follow unreservedly, even when I don't understand the why.

More than a decade later, I understand that living by this statement means that:

- I know that what I offer has real value.
- I have to give it away for free, if I want it to keep its value.

I need to apologise to all clients and colleagues I have tormented during the last couple of years, while I was figuring this out.

Photo of the little bench I made for myself at the Sanctuary, looking at the precipice at the other side of the canyon "Rasa de Torrella". I sat there for hours every day. I still sit there each time I visit.