Response to comments on my previous post on integral work with SDGs and IDGs

I have received so many reactions to my post on the workshop I am preparing on my work with the #IDG and the #SDG that I want to share this answer. Read the earlier post in LinkedIn or in this Blog

I still believe that the #IDGs are obtuse and even dangerous in themselves. Likewise the #SDGs.

Both create the illusion of doing something when it is just spinning the wheel without leaving the spot. It is more or less the same that has happened with mindfulness or CSR.

But at some point I thought that working with both at the same time might make a difference. So I began to experiment.

Nowadays I use the IDGs to short-circuit the attempts to greenwash through the SDGs, and use the SDGs to undermine the attempts to whitewash leadership (or anything else that has to do with personal/professional development) through the IDGs.

Sometimes it is surprising the insights that emerge in the group – and the virulence of the resistances that the accompanying pain awakens – like e.g when I asked a team of people working on technologies to address SDG11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities) to connect their work with IDG3 (Relating: caring for others and the world) by sharing how they cared for each other in the team.

First shame appeared and some attempts to blame the messenger (me). Eventually, nudging them to transform shame into guilt, new possibilities to make a difference in SDG11 opened. And then the compassion for self, for each other, for the world appeared.

Being explicit at the beginning of any assignment that I work with both SDGs and IDGs gives me all the alibi I need.

If the client doesn't want that, I can't help it.